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Looking to take a scuba diving class in Westchester NY and its surrounding area? Well Dive Right Scuba offers many different scuba diving classes around Westchester NY.

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Scuba diving is a great sport and social activity that can be enjoyed by people from 10 years old and up. Even people with disabilities can enjoy the sport safely with the right dive buddies and proper training.

At Dive Right Scuba our staff is made up of a variety of scuba instructors with most of the Staff being involved in Public Safety and Emergency Medical Services. That being the case we emphasize safety and follow all PADI Standards as rules to live by. 

We always exceed the minimum recommended ratios of Dive Masters and certified assistants for extra safety on our open water portions of any training dives.

Our class and pool sessions are based on your schedule and our open water dives are completed twice a month so you can choose what weekend fits your schedule. 

We have scuba diving classes in Westchester NY and many other areas.

We accommodate Sabbath Observers and will conduct classroom and training dives according to your schedule including the open water dives. 

Dive Right Scuba offers multiple training sites for classroom and pool sessions and will even come to you for classroom and pool if your pool meets standards for size and depth.

All rental gear is included from start to finish for any class taken with Dive Right .

Dive Right Scuba has been around for over 10 years leaving a trail of hundreds of happy customers. 

We have classes all over the NY area and also in Westchester NY.

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